A Virtual Tour of the Preschool
Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our preschool by browsing the pictures below that feature classroom posters and educational materials. One of our chief goals at Foster City Preschool is to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.

After your virtual tour, please call us at 650-341-2041  or send us an email at info@fostercitypreschool.com to make an appointment to visit the preschool and learn more about enrolling your child.

An Atmosphere for Learning

We provide quality care, and that means that we strive to meet the needs of whole child development - physical, social, academic and emotional.

Quality child care necessitates the acceptance of each child at his/her present level of development and provides the opportunity to encourage progress through a planned curriculum of age-appropriate activities, which is implemented with flexibility and unfailing regard for the individual. We aim to teach our children through fun, yet have an educational process so they will be ready to eventually meet the challenges of the adult world.

Each child is a unique being who has a right to his/her personal time table. We feel that the early years of a child’s life are most important because it is the time in which the characteristics of their personalities and their own self-image develop.

To help children grow and mature into individuals who have high self-esteem and self-confidence, we must show them their thoughts and emotions are significant to us.

We create an atmosphere where learning is fun and educational. This gives the children a positive outlook on future learning. Love and caring for others is also emphasized. With these elements, our children learn to become self-confident, self-reliant and competent adults.

Children learn through interaction with their environment, with other children, and with adults.

A child is active in his own development (curious and exploring, seeking new knowledge and experiences).

Children have the capacity to and should be given the opportunity to make choices.

Development of independence should be encouraged through environment, curriculum, and relationships.

Children should learn that all work is honorable and be given the opportunity to gain satisfaction from performing tasks within the center that are commensurate with their level of growth and development.

Take a look at the photos showing the areas covered in our curriculum.

The curriculum consists of age-appropriate activities beginning with the 2 year olds. At each age level, the teacher continues to build on the foundation started at age 2.

We strive to help a child become well-rounded. The curriculum has been very helpful in helping the child achieve this.