Teachers and Staff
We emphasize love and care in a teacher-child relationship

"Thanks to the staff of Foster City Preschool and Daycare for taking great care of both of our sons, Valentin (7 years ago) and Daniel (currently enrolled). Both children are fluent readers and have become brighter and smarter while in the care of your teachers. Thank you all."

- Yutiy M.

Our teachers and staff have been educated in Early Childhood Development, trained in CPR and First Aid, and have received Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) training.

All teachers have met and/or exceed the requirements of the Department of Social Services. Each also has both finger print and background clearance.

Our wonderful staff: Bettie, Surinder, and Jan

Bettie Tillman, Surinder Singh, and Jan Pagan


Surinder Singh, Administrator

Surinder has many years experience in preschool education. She also previously served as a high school teacher. Surinder earned a Bachelors of Education degree and opened the first preschool in Fremont in 1983. She has completed numerous courses in Childhood Education and Administration and has significant experience working with preschoolers and adolescents. She has 2 children and understands what a child needs to learn and grow and thrive.

Bettie Tillman, Director

Bettie has years of experience in preschool and adolescent education. She formerly served as a high school teacher in Richmond, Virginia and Norristown, Pennsylvania. Bettie earned a Bachelors of Art degree from Kentucky State University and completed numerous Early Child development classes. Bettie started as a teacher at Foster City Preschool in 1984, was promoted in 1994, and has since served as the school's Director.

Jan Pagan, Assistant Director

Jan has worked at Foster City Preschool and Daycare Center since the year 2000. Jan previously served as a coach at Aragon High School in San Mateo, California where she led the dance team and cheerleaders. In 2005, Jan was promoted to Assistant Director of Foster City Preschool. Jan manages parent school tours and handles all school files and record-keeping.