Covid-19 Safety Measures/Guidelines for Parents
Updated July 27, 2022

(Click here to view the guidelines as a PDF file.)


  • Before bringing your child to school, please take your child's temperature daily. Please note our hours of operation are from 7 am to 6 pm.
  • Always wear a face mask or face covering when dropping off and picking up your child from school.
  • Always use alcohol based hand sanitizer with at least 60% on your hands when you leave your car for drop off and use hand wipes to clean the entrance gate key pad before using.
  • Follow the yellow arrows on the walkway and observe the social distancing of 6 feet as you walk to the classroom to maintain social distancing.
  • Wait your turn for dropping off your child in the classroom. Please observe the signs for social distancing. Parents will enter and exit the classroom one person at a time.
  • Parents will use the hand sanitizer dispenser outside to clean their hands and will supervise their child in sanitizing their hands.
  • All children will wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time throughout the day.
  • Before entering the classroom, the parent will sign-in their child using their own pen and leave immediately after putting the child's sheet and blanket in their child's cubby. Use your own pen when you sign-out your child.
  • Upon entering the classroom, the teacher will take the child's temperature using a "NO Touch" thermometer.
  • If a child has a fever of 100.4 degrees (38.0C) or above the child will not be admitted to school. Parents should be on the alert for signs of illness in their child and keep the child home when sick. Portable bathroom by Room 30 will be used for symptomatic or asymptomatic children or employees.
  • Parents will be asked by the teacher if the child has fever, shortness of breath or a cough to confirm the child is feeling well at drop off.
  • If the child is sick and you have given medication within the last 24 hours, please wait another 24 hours before you bring the child back to school, with a doctor's note. Keep the child at home. If a child gets a sick at school, parents will be called to pick up the child immediately.
  • As of July 27, 2022, changes have been made on these guidelines.
  • Social distancing will definitely be a challenge with this age group. Each child will have a specific spot for sitting on the classroom carpet with each child's name, names on classroom chairs, mats, and addition of classroom tables to help with social distancing. Children will definitely learn to recognize their names. We will socially and physically social distance as much as possible.
  • The classrooms will be disinfected. All areas touched frequently will be disinfected and cleaned as needed for doorknobs, light switches, all sink handles, toilet handles, water fountains, countertops, mats, toilets, tables, chairs and toys. Children use tissue on the handle to flush the toilet.
  • We will have adequate air circulation when using the cleaning products to prevent children from inhaling toxic fumes. Each classroom will open the windows and door and each classroom has an air purifier that will be used to clean the air. The indoor environment will be extended outside as much as possible, weather permitting.
  • Be sure to follow the safety measures/guidelines as we reopen for drop off and pick up to protect everyone. Remember to take the child's temperature, wear face mask or face covering, follow 6 feet social distancing, disinfect hands frequently, bring in your own pen to use, leave immediately, do not visit other classrooms.
  • Should someone else be picking up your child from school, please review the safety measures with them for their protection and others. The teacher will get the child ready for dismissal from school due to social distancing.
  • The outdoor equipment and outdoor toys will be disinfected by the staff after each group's use during the morning and afternoon activities.
  • Our Janitorial Service will clean and disinfect nightly all frequently used surfaces and will use a spray mist in the room to be ready for the next day. The carpets will be cleaned frequently.
  • When you stop by the Office for any concerns, questions, suggestions, etc. we would like the 6 feet social distance to be observed and wear your face mask or face covering. We are all trying to adjust to a new way of life.
  • We are all learning together of how best to protect everyone. We are following all guidelines to keep a healthy and safe environment.
  • According to the new regulations, all children 2 years and older need to wear face covering/masks.

As the Covid-1 9 pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, we understand how important it is to provide a safe environment for everyone. We are committed to help our families feel we are providing as much protection as possible. We will all feel safer and more protected when most people are vaccinated.

From time to time as different situations occur, our plans will have to be modified to meet the needs.

Bettie Tillman
Foster City Preschool & Day Care Center