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Our programs enhance your child's academic, social, emotional, and physical growth

"Foster City Preschool and Daycare Center has been the perfect place for our son. He has flourished under the care of the nurturing teachers and staff. He looks forward to going to school every day. We are very satisfied with his progress and know he will continue to excel."

- Mike & Karen N.

Foster City Preschool activities are age appropriate and take place in our 12,500+ square ft. facility. Children are placed in classrooms by age, and we have two classrooms for each age level. We create a Daily Schedule so parents know what to expect each day.

The Fun Center

The Fun Center is shared by both classrooms of 2 year olds. This large area, filled with a variety of cognitive and physical learning activities, is also where extra-curricular activities take place, such as dance classes. We also offer multi-cultural and ethnic programs - e.g., celebrating International Week and numerous ethnic festivals.

Our first and second class rooms are for 2 year old children. We emphasize social skills, such as following directions, taking turns, sharing and verbal communication. The children experience music, dancing, arts and crafts and out-door play. We also have two play structures set up exclusively for our 18 months to 2 year old children.

Our third and fourth class rooms are for 3 year olds. We offer an enriched program, emphasizing the sounds of different letters and writing skills. We also have two play yards for all the children in which they rotate between morning play and afternoon play.

Our fifth and sixth classrooms are for 4 to 6 year olds. Your child will experience an enhanced math learning program and basic addition and subtraction skills. We teach a reading program where children learn to blend sounds to form three and four letter words. We also introduce the concept of homework. We send children home on Friday with a page or two of homework. We ask your child to return it the following Monday.

When placing children in our different classrooms, we use the same cut-off date as the State of California school system. We offer Transitional Kindergarten curriculums for children who have missed the cut-off date. Transitional Kindergarten provides excellent preparation for the Bay Area's academically rigorous kindergarten class.

Safety & Security

Foster City Preschool is located in a secured facility within Parkside Elementary School. Our entrance is secured by a digital pass-code based locking system to ensure the safety of your child.

Learning Center

The Foster City Preschool is equipped with a Learning and Computer Education Center. This area is geared for toilet-trained children between 2 and 6 years old. We introduce your child to an age-appropriate program on the computer. The teachers rotate in the Learning Center and offer specialized guidance to help expand your child's development.

Indoor Play Room

Next to the Learning Center, we have an indoor playroom including ball pit and slide. This area is used by all age groups year round, but more often when the weather does not permit outdoor play.


Foster City Preschool and Daycare Center is now located at:
Parkside Elementary School, 1685 Eisenhower Street, San Mateo, CA 94403
License No.: 414004458
Email: info@FosterCityPreschool.com
Hours of operation: 7:00 am-6:00 pm